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A biker's guide to the open road

What's your favourite
biking route in the UK?

Enter our competition and tell us!

Plot your route on the map by following the instructions below. Then:

  1. 1Add points of interest - great views, pubs, monuments, restaurants… whatever you like!
    NB click here for a breakdown of regions
  2. 2Add particular points of safety worth noting - that sharp corner can be tricky!
  3. 3Give your route a catchy title and tell us in fifty words why you love it
  4. 4Add a photo that captures the essence of the route

Each item you add will be marked out of 10
for a total possible total score of 40.

Good luck!

Submit your route

Plot and customise your route!

Plotting a route is easy - just follow the instructions to add a start and end point, then add as many points of interest and safety concerns as you can!

Click on "Start" button and drag on the map where you want the route to begin.

Click on "End" button and drag on map where you want route to end.

Point of interest


Views, pubs, places to eat… whatever makes this route interesting!



Sharp corners, potholes, narrow roads… anything to be aware of.

Why do you love the route?

In 100 words or less tell us what makes your route so great

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If you have any problems in completing this form, please contact
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Guest Judge

Steve Parish

Steve Parrish

Introducing our special guest judge, Steve Parrish. A former motorcycle champion, truck racer and all round bike enthusiast.

Thanks for submitting!

Steve will now judge your route - Good luck!

As per our Ts & Cs, Steve Parrish will be selecting a winning route from each region of the UK. The winners will each win a pair of weekend tickets to the Goodwood Revival meeting on 11th-13th September and a £50 voucher from the Ministry of Bikes!

These routes will then be entered into a poll with the overall champion route winning a year's worth of bike insurance.

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Stay tuned with a Biker's Guide to the Open Road. The winners will be announced here once the competition has ended.

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