Adepidyn World


Ahead of launching their new product, agricultural science and technology multi-national Syngenta wanted to create a way of doing this online instead of in-person events.

Working with our long-established partners in crime Circus we did just that.

Together, we created a 3D virtual exhibition centre in which Syngenta could take guests on an online tour, making use of Zoom’s technology to synchronise the browser activity and experiences of all users. In this they can present slideshows, videos, feature guest speakers, and have break-out zones – all in perfect time. Guests are also able to return to the virtual world to free explore and view all of the content in their own time.

Syngenta are able to create different versions of the world for different international markets, as well as add, remove, and edit all of the content that appears on the screens throughout the tour.

Developed in cahoots with Circus.

Adepidyn World – outside view
Room within Adepidyn World
Cafe in Adepidyn World
Webinar in Adepidyn World
Menu in the Auditorium

For a moment, nothing happened.
Then, after a second or so,
nothing continued to happen.

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