Brand new website for Circus


Long term partners in crime, Circus, needed a new website to showcase their stunning work and services.

Circus produce immersive virtual experiences for brands in all industries, utilising the latest in technology such as 360 3D, virtual/augmented realist, and the metaverse.

On landing, users are taken along a pathway through a virtual space which brings to life the concept of the virtual spaces their potential clients could occupy.

We created a full styleguide and component library to ensure consistency across the site however Circus choose to use the various elements. They have complete control over what content they wish to add where, and how they would like it to display, while at the same time balancing with performance to aid Circus’ SEO efforts.


Our friends at Don’t Panic! are amazing, which is why we worked with them again to create our new site after our rebrand. We wanted an immersive and exciting site, which really makes us stand out – which is exactly what they gave us. Stuart and James take every detail into account to make sure everything’s consistent, functions well, and meets our brief – but importantly also provides a good user experience. From an editing perspective, we have complete control over the different elements appearing on each page, allowing us full creative freedom to present our work, services, and create campaign specific landing pages. Thanks guys!

Jay Scott Nicholls, Circus

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For a moment, nothing happened.
Then, after a second or so,
nothing continued to happen.

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