FeverBee’s Community Accelerator Program


FeverBee helps brands develop community strategies, train their team, and design world-class community experiences for big organisations like Facebook, Google, Lego, and Wikipedia.

We worked with them to create an online training program accessible to paid members. Users are presented with an initial survey covering 5 different skillsets. On completion, they receive a profile page which lets them manage goal settings, tick-off new skills, and get helpful advice as to how they can improve their career.

Once a month, they’ll get an email summarising how they’re getting on and encouraging them to head back to the Accelerator and complete more goals.

The Accelerator is built as a WordPress plugin allowing FeverBee to update content whenever they need.


I first contacted Don’t Panic! with a vague idea about a new member profile tool I wanted to create which would enable anyone in my sector to benchmark their skills and get specific advice about what to work on next.

From the very first call, I found Stuart and James professional, creative, and committed to developing something that would be great. I’ve worked with many vendors in the past who are eager to take the cheque and get the project done on time. Don’t Panic! isn’t one of those companies. They are flexible where other companies are rigid, they help guide the development, and they’re easy to communicate with and work with. Not only is this work of great quality, they also develop the full documentation to go along with it.

I’d highly recommend them for your web development project and would happily use them again¬†(whether they would work with me again is a different matter!)¬†

Richard Millington – Founder, FeverBee

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