A complete website overhaul

Flagship Consulting

We helped Flagship Consulting get their brand new website and brand off the ground by providing consultation and advice on what they needed to include, what styles might work and how users might interact with the site.

They got busy designing, before we took up the development challenge to deliver their brand new site.


We’ve worked with Don’t Panic! on a number of projects before so they were the natural development partner when it came to overhauling our own website.

Their consultation and expertise helped us get to the point where we could design the site before handing it over for development. All our questions were answered, and they couldn’t have made the process easier.

We’re delighted with our new website, which is a giant leap forward from our old website.

We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Don’t Panic! to anyone needing web design, development, or consultation.

Kevin Mullaney, Head of Digital, Flagship Consulting

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Then, after a second or so,
nothing continued to happen.

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