No. 10 Party Game

The Great British Public

In the wake of partygate, how easy is it to tell a party from a work event? Can you spot the difference between a ball and a briefing? A conference and a cocktail party?

Through 10 challenging rounds, users are invited (no… not to a party…) to spot where there’s a party taking place. For those finding it too easy, Wine and Cheese mode adds a true party feeling, which makes telling the difference all the more difficult.


Much like some of our elected officials, I really struggle to tell the difference between work and a party – they’re basically the same thing aren’t they? It’s only thanks to this amazing game I now know the difference. The people who made this deserve some sort of honour.

Barbara from Peterborough

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For a moment, nothing happened.
Then, after a second or so,
nothing continued to happen.

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